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Tu Shamme Risalat Hai

Aalam Tera Parwana
Tu Mahe Nabuwat Hai
Aye Jalwa e Jaana Naa

You are the Torch of Prophethood
the Universe your ardent devotees.
You are the Bright Moon of Messengership,
Oh’ Manifestation of the Beloved

Khaate Hai Tere Dar Ka
Peete Hai Tere Dar Ka
Paane Hai Tera Paani
Daana Hai Tera Daana

From your Court, we eat,
and from Your Court, we drink.
The water, in reality, is your water;
The food, in reality, is your food.

Joh Saqi e Kauthar Ke
Chehre Se Naqaab Uthe
Har Dil Bane Maikhana
Har Aankh Ho Paimana

If the blessed face of the Distributor of Kauthar (drink of Jannah)
Were to be unveiled,
Then every heart will be stimulated (spiritual)
eyes who see (this) will be lost in (its love)

Sange Dar Jaana Par
Karta Hu Jabee(n) Saaee
Sajda Na Samajh Najdi
Sar Deta Hu Nazrana

I lower my forehead,
in the Court of My Beloved.
Do not think of this as a Prostration O’ Najdi (Wahabi)
For I am presenting my head as an offering

Aabaad Isse Farma
Wiran Hai Dil e Noori
Jalwe Tere Ba Jaae
Aabaad Ho Wirana

Occupy this heart
for the heart of Noori is unoccupied.
Let your manifestations be instilled therein,
causing that which is unoccupied
to be become occupied.

Sarkar Ke Jalwo Se
Roshan Hai Dil e Noori
Ta Hashr Rahe Roshan
Noori Ka Yeh Kaashana

Through the Manifestations of the beloved Prophet (PBUH)
the heart of Noori is radiant.
Until Qiyaamah, may this
Abode of Noori be forever glowing

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