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The Blessed Companions

Ashaab e Muhammad haq ke wali,
Abu-Bakar Umar Usmaan-o-Ali
Yaraan e Nabi mein sab se jali,
Abu Bakar Umar Usmaan-o-Ali

They are the closest companions
Most high in rank is their station
Among the gems they were chosen
The first to build our foundation.

These four our Prophet did entrust
Through whom the truth would reach to us
The pillars of his ways and his love
The beacons of his light for all of us.

The stars who guide us through the night
Their path: it leads to paradise
They are the roots, we are the leaves
We are raindrops, they are the seas.

And when the Prophet left this world
No harder time for all it felt
Then strength was found when they stood tall
They lifted and firmly held his torch.

Indebted to them how we are
They went great lengths for this Ummah
Their vision was on times later
They sacrificed so much for us.