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Once Again My Hopes Grow

Once again my hopes grow, spinning in my mind
Will I head to Taiba, Will fortune take my side?
Or here in our grayness, will I get left behind?
Stranded by my sins, tormented by the times

O Messenger O Master, your slave cries out to you
Wallah! You hear me and witness me too
I’m surely undeserving but mercy is your trait
On mercy, all my hopes lie, so needy is my state

Whichever way I head, Wherever I end up
I beg of you my master, engulf me in your love
Make my tears flow freely, make my heart be strong
Till my tears flow in rivers, The world here is my heart song

Imdad Kun Ya Maula, the times have troubled me
Parents rejected fate, and friends loyalty
Enlighten my existence, turn my night to day
And give my family faith, before their dying day

Now here in this dark life, life it makes no sense
My soul is restless, my energy is spent
For me true life it lies, in dying at your feet
Finally, in Baqi with peace, Yusuf shall meet