Follow the examples

When facing hardships in life
For once, please STOP
Think of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad & his Sahaba
And the hardships they all went trough...

They chose the right path
Never once did they choose the way of the unjust
Never once did they loose hope
All this because of FAITH

Yes, Faith in Allah, the Almighty
Faith in Allah changes the life
Hatred in people turns into love
This is one of the virtues of being patient

You have Allah as your Lord
You have Prophet Muhammad as a great example
You have the Sahaba as a inspiration
What more do you need?

The Sahaba embrassed the death with joy
It brought them near their Creator
Why do you cry over sorrows
when the prople before you have suffered more?

In hardships were they calm
Had patience and love of Allah and His Beloved
Let us try to raise our Imaan to their level
Let us happily meet the hardships written in Destiny

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