Ocean Of Mercy By Milad Raza Qadri Lyrics

He is an ocean of mercy
He is an ocean of love
He is the symbol of peace
His is the dawn of light
He is like the sun
Who shines on everyone
He is the ray of hope
Who is for everyone

He is the sign of One
His call is of God
His life is the Qur'an
His word is Hadith
He is the best man
Who was ever born
He is Allah's Love
For now and forever

He is the best of teachers
He is the most wise
He has all the knowledge
Past present and future
He taught us kindness
For one and for all
He taught us mercy
For all humanity

He is sent by God
As the greatest gift
The heavens and the Earth
Were made just for him
The sun and the moon
All take from his light
He is the reason
We are here today

He has the all the keys
For Duniya and for Deen
He is the path of truth
Which leads to Allah
He is the only one
To follow and to love
After all he is Muhammad Mustafa

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